Configure Aptana Studio 3

All descripted configurations are setted under ‘Window’ -> ‘Preferences’.

Font-Face within the Project-Explorer and Outline perspective:

The Project-Explorer and Outline perspective in Aptana Studio 3 uses a monotype font. That’s not so good, because the fixed-width of each letter let be the text often very long.
To change these font, go to ‘General’ -> ‘Appearance’ -> ‘Colors and Fonts’ within the Tree, and change the font at ‘Basics’ -> ‘Text Font’ -> ‘App Explorer/Outline View Font’ into your prefered proportional font.

Changing the color theme:

I don’t like the dark color and syntax hightlight theme, which seems to be standard in Aptana Studio 3. But we can switch back to the classic Eclipse one.
You will find it within the tree at ‘Aptana’ -> ‘Themes’, then select Eclipse as Theme.

Select Firefox as webbrowser:

To select the Firefox as the default Browser in Aptana Studio 3, navigate within the tree to ‘General’ -> ‘Web Browser’, then set the radiobutton to ‘Use external web browser’. Add a new Web Browser by typing name: ‘Firefox’ and in my case location: ‘/usr/lib/firefox’.

If you are not sure which short cuts you can use within a perspective, just press Ctrl+Shift+L to see a full list of the currently available key bindings.

If you want to switch between different perspectives, just press ALT+SHIFT+Q to display a full list of perspectives. In this list you can use the up/down keys to navigate, or direct press the last short cut key, to switch in one other perspective.

  1. Thank you for your advice about the themes. I also hate dark colors, but could not find how to change this. Now it works!

      • tdeuling
      • June 16th, 2011

      I hate them too 😉
      That was the first thing i have changed in the new Version 😉
      If you have some other tips or tricks, how do you configure or pimp your Aptana.. I would be glad if you write me, also write in german via mail 🙂

  2. Hi All!

    How to change the language in Aptana??

    I try it but no success…

    Greetings from Barcelona

      • tdeuling
      • September 2nd, 2013

      I didn’t changed it. 😉 I prefer to use it in english, because of everything in my daily work is in english. The best way is, use it in english too and become familiar with the wording and labels.

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