Configure Subversion PlugIn within Aptana 3

In order to work more effective and faster with Aptana Studio, i will bind some short cuts to the most often used subversion functions.

Open the preferences under ‘Window’ -> ‘Preferences’. Select within the tree ‘General’ -> ‘Keys’ and use the quick search for searching the SVN entries.

To bind a short cut to a SVN function, select one entry as sample ‘cleanup’. Then press within the binding textfield the short cut that should use for it, and press apply.

I’m using the following short cuts:

cleanup ALT+C
update ALT+U
commit ALT+S

With Aptana Studio 2 were these short cuts directly active. But now in case of Aptana Studio 3, it seems that the short cuts aren’t catched. I resolved this issue by going to ‘Window’ -> ‘Customize Perspective’. Then, under the ‘Command Groups Availability’ tab, enabled SVN. Do this steps for all perspectives, where you need the short cuts. Don’t forget to save the perspective.
Then all the keyboard shortcuts worked.

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  1. May 28th, 2011