Install Adobe AIR under 64Bit Ubuntu

For trying to develop some Adobe AIR applications, i’ve need to install AIR. After a little research it turns out, that the current version is only available for 32 Bit Ubuntu, so i need a workaround.

First download the 32 Bit adobeair.deb from the Adobe website:


After that you must extract the deb-file and the control-files, change the architecture parameter from ‘i386’ to ‘all’ and repackage all into a new deb-file:

mkdir temp
dpkg-deb -x adobeair.deb temp
dpkg-deb --control adobeair.deb temp/DEBIAN
sed -i "s/i386/all/" temp/DEBIAN/control
dpkg -b temp adobeair_x64.deb

Finally you can install Adobe AIR on a 64-bit system with the following command:

sudo dpkg -i adobeair_x64.deb

Now you are able to install AIR applications and use that.

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