is online again

Just i’m surfed through the internet, visited a few old bookmarked sites, and what do i see 🙂 is online again.
That’s very nice! is a small website, she provides that everyone can share his programmed laszlo code. The website was created in the beginning of 2008 by Nick and the guys from mobiledatanow, and after something a year it was stopped, because they didn’t have the time.

I browsed within the code, and see.. there is still a snippet of laszlo code that i did post there in july of 2008.
It’s just a little multiline tooltip, but it’s nice to find it still in the internet. 🙂

I’m pleased to find more smart laszlo scripts on that website in future. So stay tuned, and dont forget to visit the laszlocode site regular! 🙂

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