Include CSS files by using page.includeCSS under TypoScript

TIP: For an easier work with CSS by using LESS in your TYPO3 Fluid-Templates, I recommend using the Fluid-Template-Manager (short FTM).

The including of CSS-Files by using TYPOScript is very easy. Just assign the files with the page.includeCSS, like:

page.includeCSS { 
  file1 = fileadmin/templates/css/style.css 
  file1.title = Default CSS = screen
  file2 = fileadmin/templates/css/print.css 
  file2.title = Print CSS = print
    • David THIBAULT
    • November 2nd, 2011

    Is it possible ton include Google Web Fonts from typoscript?
    If not, how can I include these fonts in my typo3 based website?


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