Generate function completion / autocompleter for Aptana Studio 3 PHP Projects

If you develop large Projects, it is really helpful to get all the available functions over an autocompleter, because you didn’t have to look each function-name and his parameters.
The realization theese function with Aptana Studio 3 is very easy.

At first, navigate into ‘Window’ > ‘Preferences’ > ‘Aptana’ > ‘Editors’ > ‘PHP-Libraries’.
Here you can create a new user library by pressing the ‘New user library’ Button.

Here enter a name for your library and select the folder where the files are located. In my case i want to create an Function-Autocompleter for the same project (Project: filescope – enterprise resource planning), where in i work. So i select my project-directory.

After that, uncheck the checkbox from the new entry and close the preferences.

Now you have to add the new library to the Buildpath of your PHP-Project. Take a right click on your Project within the ‘Project Explorer’ and select the Tree-Entry named ‘PHP Buildpath’. If you didn’t have a Tree-Entry named ‘PHP Buildpath’, maybe your project isn’t a PHP-Project. In our case, select the ‘Project Natures’ Entry.

Confirm the nature change and you become a PHP-Project.

After that you should find the ‘PHP Buildpath’ Entry in your Project preferences. Select these Entry and navigate to the Libraries-Tab. There select the ‘Use project specific settings’ Checkbox, then select your created Library and Apply it.

Finally close the properties window by pressing ok and that’s it. 🙂

For a quick test open a PHP-File from your Project, type a few initial-letters from any function and press ‘Strg’+’Space’.. Now you should become a selection-menu where you will find all functions, that are matched to your input.

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