Select an open File by using Keyboard in Aptana Studio 3

In order to work much more effective, it is best practice to select other open-files by keyboard.
With Aptana Studio 3 you do this very easy and comfortable 🙂

While the editor have the focus, just press ‘Strg’+’E’ and on the right side of the File-Tabs open a small Filelist.

The Focus directly switched to an Filter-Field on the top of these List. So you are able to input the name of the needed file. Is the Filelist filtered down to a few files, just use the Up- and Down-Keys to select the needed File.

An other useful shortcut is ‘STRG’+’PageDown’ to select the right next opened File, or ‘STRG’+’PageUp’ to select the left previous File for editing.

Now, who needs a mouse!? 😉

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