After starting Audacious the Player is not visible

Since some time, always when i started the Audacious-Player under Ubuntu, the Player isn’t visible 🙁
The music plays, but no Player is shown..
After a little research i found a shell-action to get the Player back:

audtool --mainwin-show on

If you still see no Audacious-Player, you can try to press ‘Alt’+’M’ to toggle the main window.
Now, i’m happy to have my Player back.. But something with my color-Theme went wrong. The complete Player is dyed red.
But a solution for this problem is also find quickly.
Open the preferences and navigate to the Appearance-Tab. In there you will find color preferences. I put each color to be at its maximum.

Hope this helps some guys! 😉

    • Jędrek
    • October 2nd, 2012

    Thank, very helpful.

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