Install the tscobj Extension under Typo3 4.5

TIP: For an easier creation, management and reuse of TYPO3 Fluid-Templates, I recommend using the Fluid-Template-Manager (short FTM).

In order to use some PHP-generated Content within a Content-Element in Typo3, i need to insert a TypoScript-Mark within these Content-Element.
Therefore i want to install the tscobj. The tscobj Extensions allows you, to use a TypoScript-Mark within a Content-Element. So you are able to manage all your TypoScript centrally in the Setup-Area of your Template. So you have no more widespread TypoScript Code in several Content-Elements.. 🙂

The installation of the tscobj Extension is very easy, just do the following few steps:

At first, navigate to ‘ADMIN TOOLS’ -> ‘Extension Manager’, and select ‘Import extensions’ within the Select-Box on the top of the mainframe. Here enter the Extension-Name ‘tscobj’ in the ‘Look up extensions’ Field, then press ‘Look up’ 😉

After that, do import the Extension into your System by clicking on the Brick-Symbol from the ‘tscobj’-Row

And that’s it..

Read in a following Post, how to use this Extension… So, stay tuned 😉

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