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The walking man from Andrew Hoyer – Using only CSS3 & HTML5

That’s hot! 🙂

The walking man (Andrew Hoyer) at this Page: , is implemented using only CSS3 animations and simple HTML. You can read more about how it was implemented here. Be sure to view this experiment on an iPhone, iPod or iPad (or android device). 😉

Climbing up and down the ladder of abstraction

..a systematic approach to interactive visualization.

Read more on!/LadderOfAbstraction from Bret Victor.

That’s a really great article, and pure JavaScript and HTML5: Read!! 😉

Flow3, the new Framework that is also used for developing Typo3 5

Wow, that’s nice ..

Just now I watched a video introduction to Flow3, and I must say I really like it. Absolute new technology, methodologies and programming paradigms. Everything is completely object-oriented and it is for example Aspect Oriented Programming, Domain-Driven Design and much more is applied. So it must be, then makes developing fun 🙂

So, I’m finished here now and going to create my first Flow3 project. So stay tuned and read my next article here about Flow3 that are definitely coming 😉