TYPO3 6 – How to uninstall an extension manually

Often it happens, that you install a new extension into your TYPO3 6, but the extension isn’t already compatible with this new TYPO3 version.
In worst case your TYPO3 throws an 500 internal server error on each request – and now?

No problem, just uninstall the extension manually by the next few steps (in these case the gridelements v1.4.0):

1. Open the LocalConfiguration.php file which is located in the typo3conf directory. Here you have to remove the following entries:

	'EXT' => array(
		'extConf' => array(
			... -> this gridelements entry
			'gridelements' => 'a:1:{s:20:"additionalStylesheet";s:0:"";}',
			... <- end
	'EXT' => array(
		'extListArray' => array(
			... -> and this second gridelements entry
			... <- end

2. In the next step we have to clear the cached configuration files. In order to do this in TYPO3 6 you just can delete the Cache directory, that is located in the typo3temp directory.
3. Finally you’re able to remove the extension as usual by using the extensionmanager.

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