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Integrate/Install Subversion PlugIn into Aptana 3

Before starting the integration of subversion, check for Aptana Updates and install them.
Do this in the main menu ‚Help‘ -> ‚Check for Updates‘. After finishing the update, restart aptana.

Now you are ready to start the integration. First of all, add theSubversion Update site under ‚Help‘ -> ‚Install new Software‘:

After waiting for refreshing the listing, select the following entries and click next:

  • Subclipse – Required
  • Subversion Client Adapter – Required
  • Subversion Native Library Adapter (JavaHL) – Strongly Recommended

Subclipse SVNKit Option:

  • JNA Library
  • SVNKit Client Adapter
  • SVNKit Library

After finishing the integration, you must again restart aptana.

That’s it. After restart Aptana, you will find under ‚Window‘ -> ‚Open Perspective‘ -> ‚Other…‘ the ‚SVN Repositiory Exploring‘. There you can add some repository locations and check them out.

Validate a PHP Session-ID

If you must work with a PHP Session-ID, sometimes it is better to check if these Session-ID is valid.

 * Checks a Session-ID
 * @author     Thomas Deuling <>
 * @param      string $sessionID Session-ID
 * @return     boolean Is valid?!
function checkSessionID($sessionID="") {
	return !preg_match('/^[a-zA-Z0-9]{26}$/', $sessionID);

ISCOPE in the OpenLaszlo Showcase

I’m very happy that our company ISCOPE GmbH now also is list in the OpenLaszlo Showcase 🙂
Check it out!

Try out Aptana Studio 3

Hey guys,
today i want to try out Aptana Studio 3. For the last year i develop with Aptana Studio 2, but now it is time for an upgrade 😉

First of all, download the current version of Aptana Studio:

After download the archive, extract it and run the AptanaStudio3 file.

Thats all, apart from the configuration of Aptana, which constitutes the main work of the setup.
The first step should be, to check for updates for this base installation.
You can check for updates within the main menu under ‚Help‘ -> ‚Check for updates‘. Just follow the steps of the update-manager.

After that hard work 😉 , you will find in following posts the configuration of the used plugins and their functions.

Attention: Do not switch to your old workspace from Aptana Studio 2, Eclipse or so. In my case a lot of preferences will be loaded (of functions or plugins), they have changed or are not longer available.

Cleanup a Subversion folder structure

If you have an folder structure sourced from a Subversion, that is not correctly exported, you will find in there some .svn-folders. These ones are very terrible while working within the folder structure.

With the following shell-command, you are able to delete them all, with only one action:

find . -name .svn-exec rm -rf {} \;